Alberta Health and Wellness does not cover all services.

You should discuss the fee with your doctor before an uninsured service is provided.

Fees are set in accordance with guidelines suggested by the Alberta Medical Association.

Prescription renewals requested outside of an office visit (e.g. by phone, fax, online) $20.00 for first prescription plus $7.50 for each additional medication refilled at the same time.
Completion of insurance and government/tax reports and forms
Blue Cross special authorization forms $50.00
Disability Tax Credit Certificate – form only $100.00
Disability Benefit Report–      form only

–      Examination and form completion

$60.00 – 125.00

$145.00 – $230.00

AISH Forms-       examination

–       form completion



Third-party requested letters on patient attended $225.00 – 450.00
APS – for insurance company $130.00 – 260.00
Completion of forms, letters, and reports for school, camp, and work
Note of fitness or illness-       note only

–       examination and note


$90.00 – 135

School requested forms and reports $70.00 – 100.00
Completion of other medical form and reports
Disable parking authorization and forms requiring similar time $55.00 – 100.00
Driver’s medical–      form only

–      exam and form

$75.00 – 150.00

$150.00 – 275.00

Fees for transferring charts
Limited medical records No charge
Chart copies related to Health Information Act (when a copy of the chart/record is requested under authority of HIA by the patient to whom the health information applies (or is requested by the patient’s legalrepresentative under HIA) and the patient/representative personally takes possession of the copy. Total charge will include:-       $25.00 basic charge (includes up to 20 pages plus postage)-       Additional charges if time is required to review the chart for the purposes of severing an portions as may be required by the Health Information Act.

–       Any other material costs including photocopying $0.25/page after first 20 pages

Transfer of medical records to another physician at request of patient Similar charges to HIA requests, but depend on what is requested and work required to fill that request.

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