Healthcare providers wishing to refer patients to Kaleidoscope Pediatrics should send a completed referral letter via fax to 403-640-0710.

Please include the following information with your referral:

  1. Name of patient and guardian with contact information.
  2. Urgency of consultation and specific concern to be addressed.
  3. Any relevant health information (past medical history) and documentation.
  4. Growth Charts
  5. Name of referring physician with PRACID.

Wait times vary depending on time of year and the reason for which the child was referred.

  • Urgent medical assessment required – please call our office to see if we are able to accommodate.
  • Development/ADHD/behavioural assessments vary in their wait times. Currently they are being seen within 8-10 months of referral date, pending completion of parent and teacher documentation.
  • Referrals to our Developmental Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Huie are being seen within 14-16 weeks.

If you have specific questions regarding how the patient will be triaged or feel that your patient requires more urgent assessment, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic so that we can decide on the best approach in management.

Please note, most of the referrals we receive are booked via a central referral pool. However, if you wish to refer directly to a specific pediatrician, we will do our best to ensure they are booked with that physician. Given this may significantly alter wait times, the family will have the option to be seen by another pediatrician in our office.

Typically, if a patient has not been seen in our office for a period of 12 months, a re-referral will be required. Please do not hesitate to re-refer a patient and note that they were previously assessed in our office.